UPK (Ultimate Player Kill)

About: UPK is an active guide that was made to reunite strong and active players to fight by each other.
UPK has conquered every castle so far for 2 Hours.

Real UPK: the following guilds are offiliaclly UPK

1. UPK (Released) - (Ultimate player Kill)
2. UPK II (Released) - (Ultimate Player Kill 2)
3. UPKe (Coming Soon) - (Ulitmate Player Kill epic)
4. UPKf (Coming Soon) - (Ultimate Player Kill friends)

UPK stands for Ultimate Player Kill.

UPK Requirements

UPK is currently opened to anywone.
We are planning to make a guild named UPK+
UPK+ will be for more experienced players only.


UPKe Requirements

10 000 kills
1000 baddie kills
500+ Hours
1000 Spar Wins


UPKf Requirements

Must Be A Good Friend Of Mine.