Welcome To The Hackers Section!

Lesson 1 (Getting Admin Stuff)

Hello You've been waiting long enough...

Today you'll be learning how to get admin heads, bodies and hats.

First off you'll need a Jailbroken device.
Then you'll need iFile.

I am not responsible for any problems.

Go into Graal app
then documents
now go in levels
now example you want iPanda's headphone's
you'll need to replace the headphones with another file.


(a santa hat)

(iPanda's headphones)

Lesson 2 (Walking Through Stuff)

(Note: you must have jailbroken iPhone/iPod to do this glitch. To learn how to jailbreak and what it does click here.)

This glitch enables you to walk through many objects.


To start open Cydia and download these two apps:

  • Backgrounder
  • iFile

After these two apps download, open up Graal and enable backgrounding by holding down the home button.


Now open up iFile and navigate to this directory:

var > mobile > applications > (*1) > documents > images > (*2)

*1: This folder depends on your iPhone/iPod. Look through all the folders until you find a folder inside called graalclassic.app

*2: There are two folders to look through:

  • classiciphone
  • downloads

Next delete the pictures by tapping edit, then tap on the picture, and click the trash button

Here is a list of good things to delete:

  • bcrobbygameblock.png
  • (The box picture. Look for a file with box at the end.)

Next exit iFile and open up Graal. You can now walk through what you deleted.


Note: next time you disable backgrounding (by holding down home button while Graal is open), or restart iPhone/iPod, you will need to redo the steps above