Farming Guide!

So you have wondered how people get thousands of Gralats, but you can barely make any?
This is definently the guide for you. In this guide I will cover how to farm, the best spots, tips, tricks, and scams to look out for.

1) What is farming? Farming as you may have seen the word thrown around Graal almost everytime you go through Graal City isn't actually "growing gralats", instead you throw a bomb at a grass/Bush spot to make gralats faster then just chopping the grass with a sword.

2) A house is recomended for this guide due to other players who might run by and steal you're gralats you have bombed. (Bottom Left)

A) The best layout for Farming at you're house.
So you have a house and you are ready to farm right?.. Great.
The best layout to begin farming on would be the bottem left selection because there is TONS of grass to bomb and it is great for starters.

B) Setting a table to keep the bomb from going to far from the grass.
When you throw a bomb you want the bomb to land right in the middle of the grass.
This table is set up right where you can get max ammount of gralats possible.
*NOTE* The bomb will go through the table don't worry, it's not blocking you from losing any gralats.

C) Standing in the correct place.
When you throw a bomb you want to make sure you get as many gralats as you can to maximize you're profit.
I've tested and for me this is the best place you can throw them at to make the best profit.

D) Throw the bomb and wait for the gralats to appear.
Not picking up your gralats and waiting until you are fully done farming.
This is not really needed but it can save time and make you gain gralats faster.
It used to be that the gralats would dissapear after awhile, but the admins permanatly fixed this.

E) Experienced farmers.
Once you have become an experienced farmer and you know what you're doing, you might wanna consider buying a few fences, so other people can farm for you, (THAT YOU TRUST TO SOME EXTENT), without them being able to get inside and take your gralats.
Fences can be found in Belle Isle house shop.

D) Watch the gralats come in while you farm.
After a while of farming (over a few days/weeks/months) of farming you will become rich in gralats, I know because I am rich myself due to farming.

Scams to look out for:

ALL over Graal there are some players who want to scam you're Gralats.
Some scams you should look out for-

1) The "I can hack you're gralats and makes them into gold, Purple, or black gralats, but I need to be inside you're farm scam."
In this scam people will try to tell you they can actually hack Graal itself and change the value of a green/Blue gralat and make it worth a black Gralat..
DO NOT BELEIVE THIS. There are NO hacks for Graal. (There Are Now Hacks For Graal)

2) The most common one, but doesn't make it a scam for everyone. The "I will farm for you for free but I need to be inside you're farm scam."
NEVER let a random player on you're farm if you don't trust the enough around your gralats, they could be GLITCHERS.

If for some reason you do NOT have the house package and you still want to farm you can still do so but it will be a little different, all over Graal there are bush/grass all over the place

*Make sure you are not close to anyone you don't know while you farm because they will swoop by and steal em' before you get the change to grab them.

A) The best place to farm (in my opionon is in Swamp (swamp town)) because there is a TON of grass there and not to many people in 1 spot trying to take gralats.

1) buy bombs
2) throw the bomb at the grass/bush
3) pick up the gralats and repeat

Better Guide Soon...

Under Construction.