PK Guide

Hello, have you ever seen other players with 10,000 kills?
Ever wondered how they get so many??
Well im telling you now there are no cheats/hacks!

step 1. start off right outside of graal city (to the south) kill a few players t'ill you get 250

step 2. Now that you got the hang of it try joining a strong and active guild like... UPK, T2D and Sib.

step 3. start participating with your clan to fights, spars and conquering towers, you should do this t'ill you reach about 500

step 4. Start sparring, now that you've got 500 kills its time to start using your PK skills at the battle arena, you should allways have 100 more wins then you have of loses, example: 350 wins - 250 loses

step 5. You should be sparring t'ill 1000 kills.

step 6. Once you've gotten 1000 kills you are now a Pker

step 7. Continue the daily kills

make 100 kills daily