Beginners Guide!

So you are new to Graal? You may be wondering what to do... Fear not! This guide is here to help. The first thing you should know about Graal is that it is not like most MMOs as it has no leveling or quest system however there is still a lot to do as I hope to demonstrate within this guide.

This seems pretty obvious but it is still worth wandering around Graal to see where you end up. There are essentially five towns in Graal. You start of at the first one ,Graal city, with Onnett town and north Graal city to the north(surprise,surprise!), Belle island is to the west and Swamptown is in the south. There are furniture shops in all of these apart from Graal city and there are bomb and arrow shops in Graal city, north Graal city and Belle island. Throughout the map there are secret areas for you to find and explore.

-Secret areas

As I previously mentioned there are many secret areas throughout Graal. The most useful one is in the arena which is in the top left part of Graal city and once you are there go forward till you are near a door but instead of going through it go to the left and through the curtain/drape thing. Inside there is a button to make you look like Supernick and if you go through into the next room and to the top left there are two chests with 100 Gralats in them apiece. You can find the other secret areas in the secret area guide.

-PK and fighting Baddies

You may have noticed while exploring Graal that anyone could just come up and attack you. This is known as Pking or player killing and its probably the best way to get used to the attack controls and generally have fun. However you can not PK in most buildings and weapons are disabled in Graal city. However if Pking is not your thing there are also enemies called baddies scattered around the map. A good place to find them is in Swamp town. Now baddies are tougher than you so unless you are very experienced in sparring techniques or you can not afford any arrows or bombs it is not wise to attack them with a sword as they are just as they are just as quick to retaliate. However shooting arrows at a distance or bombing the area around them will kill them relatively easily and when they have been killed they will drop 5 bombs and 5 arrows for you to use if you pick them up before someone else does.


Sparring is like Pking but different. You can spar in any arena throughout Graal although the most commonly used one is in Graal city. Sparring is done with swords only and is one -on-one. Just rushing in and slashing your sword wildly will not get you very far as sparring is more tactical than that. Try to avoid staying still and slashing in one direction for too long and try to flank your opponent. This is more difficult than it sound and the best way to learn about sparring is to give it a go.


You can always find some people in or outside the Burger refuge sitting on chairs around tables. Just go up to them and chat! Most people are friendly in Graal and will probably be willing to talk. Inside the burger refuge there are generally people acting as cashiers and some more people to talk to. Inside is generally better than out as outside there are people advertising shield/sword codes or about farming.
So we've covered the basic list so now on to guilds!

-Getting a guild 

Depending on when your reading this it could be easy or difficult to get into a guild. At the time I wrote this it was relatively easy as there were a lot of guilds about with not very many members. There are some guild which like you to have a lot of kills or some other   quality. Or you could just try to befriend a guild leader or general. Either way it should not be too difficult.

-Guild spar

This is similar to sparing but with up to 5 people from each guild taking part. As your sword can not hurt anyone in your guild there is no need to worry about friendly fire. Tactics will probably be discussed within your guild although some of the same rules from sparring apply here 

-Guild towers

There are 3 guild forts in the map. At the top of these there is a flag. The guild forts are fairly obvious on the map as they are right by  the emblem of the guild that currently owns them. The goal is to slash the flag until the number on top gets down to zero. It starts at 300 and the defenders can restore the flag by slashing it. If you are killed while in the tower your are sent back down to the bottom to stop you rejoining the fight immediately. If you hold it your guild emblem and name is displayed on the map.  
Moving swiftly onwards to housing!

-The basics

Ok so there is a direct warp to your house in Graal city, west of the arena. It is also able to be accessed through the menu. The furniture shops are in Onnett town, Swamptown, North Graal city and a garden shop on Belle island. Now furniture is expensive so lets take a look at making money!


Now you can farm anywhere by bombing grass and collecting the gralats or you can get gralats by slashing the grass. However it is not uncommon for someone to steal your gralats or for a baddie to attack you while you are farming. This is were houses come in. You can bomb the grass as much as you like and no-one (unless you invite them to your house) will be able to steal your gralats. Generally people buy boxes or fences to protect their gralats when they have people at their house. Now bombing the same area a lot without collecting the gralats will means that they steadily gain value and change colour.  Green= 1-4 gralats, Blue=5-29 gralats, Red=30-99 gralats, Gold=100-Infinite gralats. If you spend maybe a day or so farming you should start to get some gold gralats. The best house for farming is the bottom left one with the second best being the middle left one. This is based on experience and other guides I have read/ what people have said.


You can also hold events at your house ranging from races to arena fighting.. The only limit is your imagination and supply of gralats
In this section I will cover chat commands and a few other pieces of random info

-chat commands: 

:asleep,:dance,:sit,:brb,:sorry,:afk,lol,rofl,:),:(,:O,:/,X_X,:eek,:phone,:apple,:love and ,:D,

-Remember to keep and eye on the news section of the menu as Graal is 
updated fairly frequently 

-A list of Admins and other useful information can be found in the faq building in Graal city.