Azrael's Nightclub VIP Lounge

The classic secret.
Hidden by a chair, at the back up the club is a passage to a secret VIP Lounge. To start, go to the "unstick me" location.
Go in the building on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Continue through the first room.

Keep going up until you reach the bar.

Stand just above the lower left hand chair.

Keep slowly moving down on the chair, you will be teleported to the VIP lounge. Don't keep clicking down because you will just walk back out.

Azrael's Secret Treehouse - NOTE!

Azrael's Treehouse has a secret are with many other areas to explore.
You can no longer go through the second secret door, it is members of Zanza (Azrael's clan) only  :I To start go to the "unstick me" locations.

Continue south down the path until you reach a bridge.

Once you reach the bridge go down it, then go right straight away, and keep going until you reach the treehouse.

Once in the treehouse continue until you reach the stone guard. Type "fear the tree" and you will be able to walk

past it.

From there continue to an area blocked by barrels. When you reach them type "sacred threehouse" to get through. NOTE READ THIS! YOU CAN NO LONGER GO THROUGH HERE. ONLY MEMBERS OF AZRAEL'S GUILD CAN! :I

Hurray! You are in the secret treehouse.

Fox's Secret Mansion

Fox has a secret mansion chill zone :P Start at the "unstick me" point.

Head north and take the first path to the right.

Continue along the path until you reach two stone guards guarding a cave.

Go in here and up to the next guarded doorway.

Type "super sneaky fox" to get past and into the mansion.

NOTE: I have heard rumors, and only rumors, about a secret area within Fox's Mansion. It is supposedly in the gray statue at the back wall. If you have any information pertaining to this, email me at:

Skyld's Secret Treehouse

In Skyld's Treehouse you can gain access to a secret area by typing a password. Start at the "unstick me" location.

Follow the track north, past the FAQ booth until you reach the treehouse.

Enter the treehouse.

Continue through the treehouse until you find an are blocked by barrels. To get through type "rudora".

You are now in the secret treehouse!

Secret Treasure Cave

Up near the Graal Administration Park there is a crack in the cliff.
You can access a secret cave by placing a bomb there.
NOTE: You cannot yet find the treasure. Start at the "unstick me" location.

Go along the left path until you reach the corner and some tables.

Go up from this corner along the path until you reach Ol' Man Nelson.

Go up and to the left a little bit until you see a big archway.

Do not go in that, but follow the outside wall left until you find a crack in the cliff.

Blow a hole in the cliff with a bomb.

You can now go inside the cliff.

You can also go through the waterfall to find a man digging for treasure, but you cannot find it.

Arena Secret Room

The Arena has two secret rooms.
This is the first, it has an outfit changer and some other general stuff. Start at the "unstick me" location and simply head north until you reach the battle arena.

Head to the top left corner of the room.
Walk between the two red poles to your left to enter the secret area!

Arena Secret Room 2

There is another secret area in the Battle Arena with a secret garden! Start at the "unstick me" location and simply head north until you reach the battle arena.

Head to the top left corner of the room and enter the door.

You will be facing two doors, enter the right one.

From here head left and you will see stairs, which lead to the secret area!

Jezzle's House--secret room

Jezzle's house is directly to the southeast of the guild spar in the swamp.

Enter it and go up the stairs to the left.

You will see a side passage leading to apparently nothing.

Go to the farthest part of the wall possible and you will be in the secret room.

There is a statue blocking the way to the lower section.

Say "immortal" to remove the statue.

There is a door in the lower area but currently there is nothing there.